Let's Go!

Lights off & spot on: CODE AHOI goes live! After some preparations I set sail and give it a try :)

I have been learning and working for years at universities. The urge to advance increased, but I am not sure where to go…
I am professionally trained, I love working interdisciplinary, and I quickly become acquainted with new domains. Furthermore, I am an expert in gathering and integrating data from heterogeneous sources, exploring complex materials to find patterns, and communicating results. I would like to apply earned skills and help organisations and the local economy.
Thus, CODE AHOI is my freelancing-attempt to obtain broad experience in many domains, to eventually learn where to continue my journey.

A first walking advertisement is this website. I decided for a static page with Jekyll: the web server does nothing but serving pre-compiled pages. Such a website is much more performant and eco-friendly, it typically tracks less personal information, and, as no scripts are executed, it can be considered much more secure. In addition, my whole infrastructure is powered by green energy!

The initial setup of such a site may be a bit more complicated, but with a little technical sense you can even make it multilingual (note the flag top right)! :)

I also decided against any kind of tracking: read or skip and click whatever you want — I do not care. If you want my attention just leave a message through the contact form at the bottom of that page.

I am highly motivated and very excited!