The Whale becomes WahlBerater

Logo of the WahlBerater
Logo of the WahlBerater

As announced recently there will soon be a new cool tool that aids decision-making at elections! I already spoiled that the new tool is based the concept of the Wahl-O-Mat and that we therefore want to set ourselves a bit apart from DeinWal.

Time has come and after many creative ideas and funny discussions the tool’s name is eventually fixed: Soon, the WahlBerater will actively support you in decision-making at elections! A website is already setup at Of course, a logo and a Twitter account @wahlberater exist as well!

To English the WahlBerater could be translated as consultant for elections. For those non-Germans: the logo is close to a pun. Election in German is Wahl, which has the same pronounciation as Wal, which is the animal whale. Thus, we chose the whale as our heraldic animal :)

We are already busy developing the tool and want to build the WahlBerater in a way that it can easily be reused for other elections. So do not hesitate to contact us if you want to have a WahlBerater as well!