I am an IT-Journeyman.

CODE AHOI is Software, Data, Digitalisation, Consulting, Development, Strategy, IT, Creativity, Realisation...

Who is that?

The guy behind Code Ahoi is an educated Bioinformatician and a systems engineer.

I have been studying and working at universities for years, but now I am undecided on how to plan my future. Thus, I am for now freelancing with CODE AHOI: I hope I can fast and intensively dig into different areas — similar to a journeyman.

I am highly motivated, enjoy tricky problems and follow strong standards of quality. I love software, data, and challenges!


Expect competent consultancy, detailed analyses and solid realisation.


I develop in multiple languages and for different platforms. A plugin for Wordpress? A frontend with Angular? A backend in Python? A library in Java? I will craft an individual solution for you!


The cloud is not always a good idea.. I help you getting back your data. Do you want to host or should I do it for you? Anyway, I will support you in installing and upgrading your tools.


Which software fits your needs? Which methods to use for certain processes? Backup, Firewall, Monitoring ...? I can advice and educate, for example with workshops for different topics.


Filtering, reorganising, converting, normalising, visualising... I support you in learning from your data, in annotating your data, in integrating your data, and in automatising processes.


You want to exploit the whole capacity of your data? You want to find structures in your data? I analyse data, identify patterns, and detect anomalies.


You need to know if a certain investment is worth it? When will a change amortise? I simulate different scenarios so you get help in estimating the future.

How can I help?

Just a few examples on how I helped so far. I love challenges!


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Platforms: Docker, Android, Wordpress, Firefox, Raspberry Pi, Tor, Hidden services, Linux, Languages: HTML, Java, Go, PHP, Javascript, Bootstrap, Angular Methods: Git, Maschinelles Lernen, Monitoring, Datenschutz und Datensicherheit und Datensparsamkeit